This is the description of 100% PP SMT Stencil Clean Paper Roll
 Its blend of 100% PP provides the optimum balance of sorption, durability, and cleanliness.

* Strong and durable, with high water absorption, oil absorption, soft, not dust, anti-static properties.

* The material is soft and does not produce any scratches on the surface of the cleaning object and does not damage the surface of the object.

* Can be used with cleaning solution.

*Super absorbent capacity, more than four times faster than ordinary cotton rags.

* Efficient removal of water stains, degreasing ability, without using any chemical adhesive.

* Due to production in the clean room, avoiding the inclusion of impurities in the wiping paper, can reduce the printing process

* Printing defects due to stencil wiping impurities.

* Can be matched with anti-static packaging to meet strict anti-static requirements for electronic products.



Material: 100% PP

Inner core material: paper

Paper weight: 70gsm, customized weight

Size: 455 mm x 300mm x 10m, custozmied size

Inner core diameter: 19.5mm, customized size

Pattern: Embossed

Packing: 1 roll / bag


Suit Machine:


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